What to Wear for Brunch...We Picked 5 Cute Fall Brunch Outfits

Is it more bright out than usual or is that just last night’s 4th tequila soda talking? 
At what point does the menu change to mostly alcohol again? 
Is that glitter from last night or is this just your new daytime look?
Welcome to brunch, ladies. Try not to puke on the table. 
Getting dressed is hard! Especially when it’s suddenly 11am on Sunday and you were supposed to meet your friends 15 minutes ago. Lucky for you, we’ve got five cute outfit ideas that will carry you through your next brunch plans when you may find yourself in a bind. 
What to wear if there’s only patio seating and it’s 60 degrees
Really, it’s fine - you don’t want to complain! The wait would be another 40 minutes for an inside table and you might die of starvation before then. You don’t want to be dramatic and wear a parka, especially if there are heaters outside because those can end up making you warmer than needed in the first place. Here’s what to wear for the girl that loves to ~go with the flow~
The Paloma Sweater paired with the Alice Skirt is the perfect way of saying “Good morning, it may be cold out but at least I look great.” As far as cute fall brunch outfits go, this one could be considered the cutest of all. Go and get your eggs benedict on, and stay cozy while doing it.
What to wear if you saw the sunrise 
Look, it’s none of our business what you were up to until 6am. We’re just glad you showed up this morning. Need some coffee? Maybe a little orange juice? Anything to keep your head off the table. Here’s what to wear if you’re just doing your best to keep your eyes open right now. 
The Carter Dress has a great way of being so comfortable you feel like you’re in pajamas, while also hiding the fact that you might not be wearing underwear. Who are we to judge? No longer will you have to ask yourself what to wear to brunch if you still haven’t gone to sleep yet. Just pair it with your favorite teddy coat and sneakers and you’re free to eat in peace. 
What to wear if this is a brunch date
Maybe you’ve had a few dinners, a couple movie dates, but now you’re moving into the daylight and things are different. You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard, but you also don’t want to look like you just threw this on and ran out the door. Hey, no one said dating is easy! Here’s what to wear for that in between look of “I’m perfect but without trying but also I tried a little because I care about this.” 
The Elsie Midi is casual, she’s flirty, she’s interested in everything you have to say even if its a story she’s already heard twice now. She falls somewhere between classic brunch attire and morning fashion pioneer. Pair her with an oversized denim jacket and sneakers for an elevated but effortless brunch vibe. Last tip? Maybe avoid the onion omelette. Pucker up babe!
What to wear if you’d rather still be in bed
How close can you get to wearing actual pajamas outdoors while still looking presentable? Your friends dragged you out before noon and you’re a little bitter about it, but at least there’s breakfast potatoes in your future. Here’s what to wear if getting out of bed was a greater struggle than anything you’ve ever experienced: 
We can’t lie to you and say that the Bones Duster isn’t the closest thing you can get to wearing a bathrobe in public and not look insane. That’s one of the reasons why we designed it! Pair it with your best outdoor sweats and fuzzy slides. Trust us, everyone is going to envy how comfortable you look. 
What to wear if the mimosas are bottomless and you have no afternoon plans
This isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve once been known as the Queen of Brunch. Lady Mimosa. Princess French Toast. Countess Chilaquiles. You get the picture.  If brunch is to you what the Olympics are to Adam Rippon then you’re going to want to dress to impress. This is your time to SHINE! Here’s something that says “Get out of my way, I need pancakes.” 
You didn’t come to play this Sunday morning! The Ray Jacket + Kat Pant in Red Pepper is the suit that packs a punch. Let’s hope there’s no paparazzi in the area because you just might get confused for Angelina Jolie in this fit. 


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