6 New Years Eve Outfits, Which One Are You?

Picture this: Your date is locked in, the rsvp’s have been sent, you’re navigating your way through the post-christmas time warp, and then you realize - you don’t have a dress for New Years Eve. 
Terrified yet? 
With any crisis (whether it’s wardrobe related or not) it’s best to remain calm and envision the outcome you’d most like to happen. In the case of outfit for the end of this decade, what kind of party guest do you see yourself being? Do you have plans to swing from the chandelier or are you more the quiet, helping clean up cups type? To better serve your needs, we’ve broken down our best outfit suggestions based who you think you may be, come NYE.  
1. Life of the Party
You came for a good time, but the truth is, you ARE the good time. You put the cocktail in cocktail dresses, you know how to throw back shots better than the rest of them, and you work the morning-after walk to your uber like a runway. 
Though she should need no introduction, the Ray Jacket + Kat Pant suit set in Red Pepper is the perfect way of saying to the crowd, I’m here and I’m ready to party. In a time where we’re flooded with endless new years eve outfit ideas, let this sexy new years outfit be your peace.
2. This is my boyfriend, he works in finance
Of course, you showed up on time! The invitation did say 11 pm, right? Look, being in a relationship is great, we get it! We’re just glad you got yourselves off the couch and in something other than sweats. For the relationship gal that is happy in just about anything she puts on, here’s what we’ve got for you.
The Lynn Midi is the perfect dress for when you want to look like you’ve put in 10x more effort than you really have. Throw it on in Ruby Gem and dazzle the party. Is it joie de vivre or is it just an easy outfit? That’s one secret we’ll never tell. 
3. Ok but where’s your dog?
Socializing is hard. Lucky for you, there’s a scared dog hiding in the 2nd bedroom just waiting to be pet. You didn’t want to come in the first place, your best friend dragged you out because you can’t spend another New Years Eve watching Glee on Netflix. So come on, little Rachel Berry, it’s your time to shine! 
Not conservative, just understatedly beautiful, the Emilia Midi is the answer to cold uber rides and friends who refuse to turn on the heat. As far as long sleeve new years eve dresses go, the Emilia could win a prize for both style and function. 
4. I just came here for the photobooth 
Let’s be real, holidays were made to be Instagrammed. And you haven’t been working on your best angles for the last 4 months for this photobooth to go to waste. So get those hashtags prepped ahead of time girl because you’re about to be #sexy #for #nye 
It’s easy to look like everyone else on holidays like NYE, but you’re just not that kind of girl. You want to spice it up with a little marabou trim and a high-leg slit because you’re different, and we applaud people like you. So the invitation said semi-casual, who cares? You’re entering the new decade looking (and posting) your best. Have a little fun in the Brielle Maxi. 
5. Wait, there’s a party?
Everyone has one of those friends who spends their days so scattered that they couldn’t tell you what they had for breakfast, let alone what date it is. In this case, that friend is you! And we love you for it! For the last minute, I just woke up from my 3rd nap, frazzled party-goer, here’s what we recommend. 
Here’s what the Long Sleeve Maiden Mini DOESN’T say: I just threw this on and ran out the door because I texted saying I left an hour ago. This nye party dress takes it’s flirty fit and sexy red shade and tells the story of a girl who has her life together completely, she simply chose to arrive late. 
6. #couchparty
Look, going out isn’t for everyone. Maybe you partied a little too hard in your twenties, maybe you were never that into it anyway! If your idea of a great time this NYE is staying on your couch, you might as well feel cozy and look cute while doing it. Anderson Cooper’s on TV, the popcorns in the microwave, pizza is on its way, what more could you need?
The Bones Duster will help you brighten up any room even if you’re not feeling so bright yourself. 
Pair it with your cleanest pair of sweats and a cute henley for a casual NYE night in look. Why start the year off with a hangover when you could be taking the day to relax instead? 
For more New Year's Eve inspired ensembles, click here. We’ve got something for just about anyone you may decide to become NYE. 

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