Looking Forward X August

It's the middle of summer and we are definitely feeling the heat everywhere. Here's what we're looking forward to the most in August.

Fashion is starting to transition into fall but that doesn't mean our gorgeous summer line is going anywhere. Our store at 1803 Lincoln Blvd., in Venice is full of bright red florals and deep blues that make any summer night more special. Online all the styles you know and love are making a comeback. 

Remember the wrap set in redtastic? Yup, it's back. Along with so much more.

This month we will also be launching our Fall bodysuits. This line includes the same incredibly soft fabric of our exclusive bodysuits but adds off the shoulder styles, long sleeve styles, and even one that laces up the sides, in colors like deep green, soft purple, and burnt orange.


Be sure to sign up online to be notified when our bodysuits launch and when our favorite styles come back in stock. 

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