Grab the Wine, Mercury is in Retrograde

Image courtesy of: NASA

            Missed flights, technology malfunctions, and a fight with your significant other… if you are feeling this chaos, you are feeling the effects of Mercury in retrograde.

            Mercury in retrograde will occur again this year on August 13 through September 5. Mercury is considered to be in retrograde when it appears to move backwards from the earth.

            Astrologers believe that when a planet is in retrograde, it is unable to normally govern areas in people’s lives. Mercury controls communication, technology, clear thinking, truth, and travel. When in retrograde, it looses control over these areas, and many people feel these effects. Some people feel them more strongly than others.

            But, don’t worry, there are ways to survive the mayhem! Here are 5 tips we at Flynn Skye go by to survive the next couple of weeks.

  1. Think before you speak! As to not be misunderstood. Also, do not take things personally, as people will often say what they don’t mean. Take everything with a grain of salt.
  2. Expect the unexpected!
  3. Reminisce and get in touch with old friends!
  4. Arrive to all flights early and double check travel information.
  5. Back up your data in order to make sure you don’t loose important technology information!

            Really feeling down? Nothing a little retail therapy can’t help you with! Check out our new arrivals on Flynn Skye to help take you out of the retrograde slump.

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