Flynn Skye X L.A. Kitchen

This earth day, we want to shine light on L.A. KItchen, a local charity that has created a full circle approach to reducing food waste, a major contributor to our ever-growing landfills. L.A. Kitchen reclaims healthy, local food that would otherwise be discarded and trains unemployed men and women to turn that food into beautiful meals to share with fellow citizens in need.

In L.A. alone about 18 million pounds of food get thrown out everyday and we strive to make a change with L.A. Kitchen. Their program works directly with farmers and wholesale companies to collect unsalable fruits and vegetables. They work with volunteers from a range of age groups, cultural communities, and backgrounds to create meals and snacks out of the recovered produce. They then distribute their meals to social service agencies that serve L.A.’s most vulnerable populations.

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Every year about 1,500 foster youth age of out Los Angeles' child welfare system and within a couple of years one fifth will be incarcerated or arrested and half will be unemployed. Parolees face extremely high unemployment rates and many lack the professional and personal skills to succeed. Empower L.A. provides job training programs for these people as well as individuals who have come out of homelessness. This program, combining emancipated foster youth and adults transitioning out of incarceration, provides many opportunities for employment in the foodservice industry and helps reduce patterns of recidivism. 

We love seeing how L.A. Kitchen engages and nourishes the community while bringing a positive change. With enough help and knowledge of the issue we can reduce CO2 emissions and fight to keep our planet strong. We hope to make a difference this Earth Day and see how everyone else in the community is getting involved today and everyday. 

Learn about Volunteer opportunities HERE. 

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