Foray Collective X Flynn Skye

Last February two fashion forward and longtime friends, Kaitlynn Carter and Tiana Haraguchi, created a space online to uncover emerging brands and display a variety of their muses, in the form of bloggers, celebrities, instagramers, and rule breakers with a unique personal style. The product became Foray Collective and they love Flynn Skye as much as we do. We spoke with Tiana about her inspirations and what's trending. 
What inspired you to start Foray Collective?
The rise of social media marketing and e-comm was so fascinating to me...I had to be a part of it! I saw an opportunity in the market with the rise of influencer marketing, and realized customers need an easy place to shop by influencer and also discover kick-ass emerging designers!
How do you choose your influencers?
We look for girls that have a unique personal style, and aren't afraid to think outside the box. Follower size isn't super important to us at this stage. Influencers who curate great content and are passionate about what they do really relate to our customers, and we can't wait to be along with them for the ride as they continue to rise up. A genuine personality is also really important to us, since we do a lot of events and trips with our girls!
Kelsey in the Flynn Skye Wrap Set 
Kaitlynn in the Flynn Skye Wrap It up Top and the Ellen Pant
Where do you look to find current trends and what is one trend you currently have an eye on?
Lots of places. I love looking to editorials such as Who What Wear, watching recaps of runway shows, and most of all, SOCIAL MEDIA. We are so inspired by all of the fabulous social influencers that surround us. One trend I currently have my eye on for Spring is X-style tops. Flat mules would be a close second. I also still love the choker trend, and don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon!
 What do you love about Flynn Skye?
So many things! For starters, the patterns are so gorgeous and unique. I can always spot a Flynn Skye dress from across the room. I also love how the pieces have so much versatility, easily allowing girls to go from day to night. The pieces are sexy, yet understated, so you don't have to go out of your way to turn heads (but certainly are!). Any girl can really throw on a Flynn dress and make it their own, which is awesome. But most importantly, we love the women behind the brand, especially Amber. She's an inspiration to all women with a dream, and is such a hustler! She also goes out of her way to help other women rise up. As a new company we are so thankful for all of Flynn's love and support.
What's your idea of the Flynn/Foray girl?
The Flynn/Foray girl is your California cool girl with a kind heart and a wild spirit. She is sexy, confident, ambitious and true to herself. 
Lastly, what's one piece of advice you could give the Flynn/Foray girl?
Work hard and stay humble (no matter how hot you are!). Be your own version of cool...stay true to yourself and inspire others. Lastly, make sure you always have a wrap set and a Bella maxi in your closet for your next impromptu trip...the Foray girls can't live without theirs!

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