Michaela Wissen X Flynn Skye

Michaela Wissen X Flynn Skye 
Micha Wissen is a beautiful soul inside and out. She is our lovely photographer for our Fall 15 Look Book.  She was able to travel with our collection and shoot some awesome photos for us. We adore her and are so thankful for her beautiful spirit. Here are some questions we were able to ask her about how she became the rad person she is.
Where did you grow up? How has that shaped who are today?
I spent my first 12 years outside of New York, and then returned to my roots in Stockholm, Sweden where I lived for 10 years. I am so happy I moved because it gave me a perspective and made me the mix I am today. 
Where do you find inspiration?
I'm a big fan of social media, and thats where I get most of my inspo, it feeds my brain. I also love gathering inspo from other artists, music and my love for nature. 
Three things you can't live without?
My yorkie Willow, my piano, and sugar.
What albums (artist) are you listening to now?
Have you heard of Xylo? If not, you should. I also enjoy some occasional drake. 
When did you take your first photograph? On what camera?
I started off by working for a music production company in Sweden, where I was in charge of social media and interviews. One thing lead to another and I ended up shooting live concerts for them in Sweden. The first picture I took was at Rihanna's concert, in the pit in front of the crowd, it was hard to keep my eye behind the lens cause I have a huge girl crush on Riri. 
What is your favorite subject to shoot?
My friends, where the majority are models or should be. Preferably in random and natural moments with whatever props we find. I don't like planning my shoots too much. 
How would you describe your personal style?
Comfy, european, confused, minimal, maximal.
Describe your ultimate dream photo shoot if you could have any model, location, and styling resources in the world?
Kate Moss, on a beach with whatever we find in the trunk of our cars, or just nude, either works for me. 
Could you tell us a little about where you shot our Fall 15 Look Book?
The Fall 15 Look Book was shot from local beaches in Mallorca, Spain to old castle ruins in the country side of Sweden. The horses were borrowed from a local Mallorcan who dedicates her life to saving lives of Abandoned horses.
What is your idea of the Flynn girl? 
To me, the Flynn girl is a girl who is curious and passionate about life and its surroundings. She is adventurous and a lover of nature. The Flynn girl is spunky yet elegant and embraces the essence of a free spirit.
See more of Micha Wissen's work on her site: http://michawissen.com/.
Follow her on instagram michawissen.


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