Cameron Hammond X Flynn Skye

Cameron Hammond X Flynn Skye
It was love at first sight.....
When I first saw Cameron's work I knew I had to work with him. The way he captured a girls natural  beauty and raw sex appeal is exactly how I envision the Flynn girl. He styles his own shoots and rarely uses any form of lighting besides the natural elements. We credit him for taking the brand to a new level. 
What inspired you to pick up a camera?
I've always loved cameras but my inspiration for fashion photography came when I was working as a television cameraman. I was filming a show about modeling and was inspired by the fashion photographers. I knew right then I wanted in an industry that encouraged creativity whilst capturing beauty.
Where is your dream shoot located?
I liked a variety so I have so many dream locations! I just returned from my honeymoon in the Greek Islands, and the landscapes and architecture there just blew me away! Now, I am dreaming of going back and shooting in Greece, as well as other parts of coastal Europe like Croatia, Malta, Corsica, Sicily, and etc.
What is your idea of the Flynn girl?
To me a Flynn girl is independent, playful, and sexy.  She knows who she is and what she wants. She is strong, yet unafraid of showing her softer side.
Mustard or Mayo?
I'm a mixer - you give me mustard and mayo and I'll make dijonnaise! But, if I had to chose one I'd pick mayo ( and sneakily mix chilli sauce through it).
What is the craziest thing you had to do for a shoot?
I once padded an inflatable boat filled with models, gear, and beer down a river to a houseboat, broke into it and shot an editorial story. We left beer and a note as a thank you to the poor owner! Or just recently I had to ask a model to put her thumb in a lion's mouth.
Below are  a few of our favorite photos by Cameron

Cameron and his lovely wife, Rachel 

See more of Cameron Hammond's work on his site Follow him on Instagram@cameron_hammond.



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