Looking Forward X June

There's no such thing as June gloom in Venice. June means summer and we are so on board. Here's what we're looking forward to the most.

June 20th marks the first day of summer and happens to be the longest day of the year. This means longer nights, warmer days, and a new season (of clothing). Yup, we're launching our summer line this month. 

Expect new designs plus the old ones you know and love in bright florals and intricate embroidery. 

An offbeat June holiday that we are celebrating is National Donut Day. Seriously. If you are looking for us we will be going from shop to shop and indulging. 

If you need a place to shop your summer styles, look no further than Flynn Skye's new store front in Venice. 1803 Lincoln Blvd. We love playing dress up and will have a few promotions and exclusives throughout the month.


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